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Some more Aspects Kubernetes!!

  1. RepicationControler: it is “kind” of kubernetes which is responsible to take care about number of replications to use for service, container-image, Container-port, Service-name
  2. Service: It is responsible to make your Custer talk to outside world, It could be loadBalance, or Proxy service.

Now something a little more about Networking!!

  1. Cluster_IP-> it is the most basic type of service, An IP is assigned to service so Other services Could use this Service. Outside word can talk to your POD but wil have to go through some sort of PROXY!!
  2. TargetPort-> It allows you to separate the port from where you want to expose your service and where it is actually running inside container!!
  3. Nodeport-> it’s bit special and coulb be little scary as well but just hang-tight, nodeport makes service available to each node via statis port, so assume ou have three nodes, IP1, IP2, IP3 each are having same service running inside, You will assign some port number say 8081 and each node will be accessible on same port using Node’s IP and port. something like:

IP1:8081, IP2:8081, IP3:8081

4. ExternalIP: Another approach to making a service available outside of the cluster is via External IP addresses.

5. LoadBalancer: When running in the cloud, such as EC2 or Azure, it’s possible to configure and assign a Public IP address issued via the cloud provider. This will be issued via a Load Balancer such as ELB. This allows additional public IP addresses to be allocated to a Kubernetes cluster without interacting directly with the cloud provider.

For more one can follow following POST on linkedin!

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