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Kubernetes Basics(pods creation and understanding)

Create a Cluster Using MiniKube:

start your Cluster:

$ minikube start # start your Kubernetes cluster

$ kubectl get po -A # get list of all pods and your cluster.

Get to know your cluster.

(base) khangura@metal-machine:~$ kubectl get po -A
kube-system coredns-74ff55c5b-zxngm 1/1 Running 1 66d
kube-system etcd-minikube 1/1 Running 1 66d
kube-system kube-apiserver-minikube 1/1 Running 4 66d
kube-system kube-controller-manager-minikube 1/1 Running 1 66d
kube-system kube-proxy-dgvds 1/1 Running 1 66d
kube-system kube-scheduler-minikube 1/1 Running 1 66d
kube-system storage-provisioner 1/1 Running 14 66d
kubernetes-dashboard dashboard-metrics-scraper-c95fcf479-th7gh 1/1 Running 1 66d
kubernetes-dashboard kubernetes-dashboard-6cff4c7c4f-pvs5r 1/1 Running 10 66d

Remember each different service name has different significance.

etcd-minicube – etcd is configuration management system.

apiserver-minicube – for your cluster to interact with clients.

controller-manager-minikube : – A cluster manager node.

there is much ore deep to each node, Need to follow docs to understand things into more deep dive, Right-Now need to remember that Each unit of POD plays significant role in the structure of Cluster.

$ minikube dashboard # To start minikube Dashboard and to analyse how things are going.

$ kubectl create deployment hello-minikube

Create a Sample deploymen, Remember that, You can’ expose Pods You need to expose deployent to external posrts.

$ kubectl expose deployment hello-minikube --type=NodePort --port=8080

Link with external port.

You can check status of your deployment.

 $ kubectl get services hello-minikube

Use kubectl to forwrd your port.

$ kubectl port-forward service/hello-minikube 7080:8080

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