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Dijkastra’s Algorithms! (SPF-hortest Path Finder Algorithm!)

Steps to perform Algorithm:

  1. Mark all nodes as un-Visited.
  2. Set values to all nodes, Set zero for Initial-Node/First-Node, and infinity for all other nodes.
  3. Visit all adjacent-Nodes and update the assigned values if new-found-Value is less than already assigned value.
  4. When completed visit of all adjacent nodes for current-node Mark current Node as Visited and Remove it from UnVisited List.
  5. If the destination node has been marked visited (when planning a route between two specific nodes) or if the smallest tentative distance among the nodes in the unvisited set is infinity (when planning a complete traversal; occurs when there is no connection between the initial node and remaining unvisited nodes), then stop. The algorithm has finished.
  6. Otherwise, select the unvisited node that is marked with the smallest tentative distance, set it as the new “current node”, and go back to step 3.

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