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Steps to Solve Rubik’s Cube in 2 mintues!(Practice Matters!)

  1. Make a buttefy first: Yellow step in the center and White pieces adjacent to Yello y 90 degree.
  2. Match corner pieces adjacent to White Pieces with Center of other color and make two rotations.
  3. White Cross: After competing the Second step you will be having White Cross.
  4. Keep white cross in the botttom, White cross will remain entirely on the Bottom.
  5. Time to Perform Left-And Right Trigres:
  6. Solve the entire White Face: To sove entire White face you need to match white faces on the upper-most layer with center of same color and perform left-right trigger, which-ever is required.
  7. After completing all left and right triggers you would be having complete White face Solved.
  8. NoN-Yello Pieces on the top: Find out each non-Yeo pieces on the top layer and match corner pieces with center, After that Perform again left and right Corners.

But this time you have to do Left/Right Trigers twice in a Row:

  1. After Completing 8th step you would be having bottom layer and two side layers solved till now.
  2. Get Yello Cross on the top:

Now to get yellow cross on the top you need to perfom few Algorithms:

R = Rotate Right-side cloclwise.

R’ = Rotate Right-side Anti-clockwise.

R2 = Rotate Right-Side twice Clockwise.

So first Notation is as follows:


If you have two Yellow pieces in the Edge which makes Single Yelow Line, turn the Yellow line towards you Again Perform FURU’R’F’

If you have two Edge yellow pieces which perform Backworf L then turn BackWard l away From you and Again Perform FURU’R’F’

After performing above steps you would be Having yellow corss on the Top, There could be other yelow pieces as well.

3. Now Solve the Entire Yellow Side

At this point you have to find Yellow color on the TopMost layer and bring it to lleft Corner and Perform following Algorithm:


Again Perform following if you have Yellow corners on the Upper side layer.


After this you might have got FISH on the Top Yellow Side, Rotate Fish downward towards you down to left and perform algorithm again.


4. Position the Corners of the Cube: (At 19:31) in the Video Link.

on the top side layer you have to match the side pieces. using following Algorithm:


You might find that None of your Side Pieces have Same Color:


5. One of the face matching the the corner Pieces:

Hold the face matchig the Corner Piece on your left hand and perfor the following Algorithm:


6. At this point all of your Corner Pieces Should Match:

If your Corner pieces don’t match you have to Match Step 5’s Algorithm one more time.

7. Final Step: -. Positn the Edges::

If you are having one side solved till now keep it away from you.


after that you need to swap Edge pieces Counter-Clockwise.


If still None of your Side are solved:: -> Perform Counter-Clockwise Algorithm.


You migght have on Solved face, Keep it away from you and Perform Counter-CockWse Algorithm one more Time.


That’s It. Your Cube is Solved till now!!

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