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Quant topics to be Review and Go on

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading [Done]
▪ Trend following Strategies [Not Done]
▪ Momentum based Strategies [not Done]
▪ Strategy Development [Done]
▪ Back-testing[Done]
▪ Performance measurement [not Done]
▪ Parameter Optimization [not Done]
▪ Money Management [not Done]
▪ Risk Management [not Done]
▪ Algorithm Trading Infrastructure Setup [Done]
▪ Algorithmic System Design and
Implementation [Done]
▪ API Integration – Integrating the Modules
▪ Machine Learning for Quantitative
Trading Using Python [Done]
▪ Time Series Analysis Using Python [Done]
▪ Optimization Methods [not Done]
▪ Introduction to Quantitative Trading [not Done]
▪ Options Pricing [not Done]
▪ Options Greeks [not Done]
▪ Arbitrage Strategies [not Done]
▪ Options Trading Strategies [not Done]
▪ Volatility Trading Strategies [not Done]
▪ Statistical Arbitrage Strategies [not Done]
▪ Electronic Market Making [not Done]
▪ Execution Algorithms [not Done]

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