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hacker’s guide to Traefik Edge Router


Service Discovery:

  • Auto Detection of New instances of Service.
  • By Default Load balancing is using Round-Robin, Weighted Round Robin, Custom Options are available based on Creativity.
  • Available insights in UI (Routes/Services/Middlewares).
  • Just like an edge router, we expose a port on the machine where it’s running, and all the inbound traffic goes through it.
  • *Priority: One can assign priority to services, and all the load will be distributed to them based on priority. This isn’t mentioned in load-balancing strategies though.
  • Provides Request Mirroring
  • Only Round Robin Load Balancing is Supported on *Servers*
  • Weighted Round Robin on *Services*

Default Dash-Board



InBuilt Authentication,Http Connection handling(timeout and etc) For EntryPoints and MiddleWares.

More UI Features:

  • Entrypoints hits (success/failure etc..)
  • HTTP Endpoints(Routers, Services, Middlewares) hits
  • TCP(Routers, Services) hits

Configuration For EntryPoints and Routers

  • Dynamic Configuration on the level of Strat-up and Runtime: (Hot Reloaded)


Consul Example:


  endpoints = [“”]

  rootKey = “traefik” 

ETCD example:


  endpoints = [“”]

  rootKey = “traefik” 

Full Path Details for Keys and Values 


Entry Points talks to Routes to Call out Service Functions/Routes.

*Full Regex Support with && || conditions

* Priority Can be assigned to Each Route.



    rule = “HostRegexp(`.*\.traefik\.com`)”

    # …


    rule = “Host(``)”


Available Configuration Options:

Health Checks:

It keeps doing health checkups of services, and are considered alive as long as they reply back with 2xx, 3xx HTTP codes


  • Able to mirror requests to other services.
  • Whole request is buffered in memory until it is mirrored.


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