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Raise yourself and you!

Most of time it is so important one Need to go deep inside ourselves and look for the things which is also called  Self Discovery, Meditation and Spiritual experience. Few people also reference it as Spiritual-Science and Meta-Physics.

I might not be big fan of things Which really don’t comes with certain kind of Equation, That is dominant Engineering Student’s mind which is super Curious and Contradicting.

Few days Ago I was reading/watching lot of stuff about Alpha-Male, Personality Traits, EQ vs IQ, Consciousness and much more, On the way I read/listen following books:

1. INTJ: Understanding your Personality Type
2. Spark: The revolutionary New Science of Exercise
3. No More Mr. Nice guy
4. How to Think Like Leonardo Da VInci
5. INFJ 101
6. The way to Superior Man

Almost all above books falls in the category of Self-Development, You all might like such kind of books or path to self-Development.

There is a very good website called: One can find out inner traits of his her personality in this website and open up new ways to live up life in General. stay tuned for more consciousness related posts as well.

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