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Python Send SMS all over the things

This is Python Script that you can use to send Messages on any Phone without leaving trace of any number.

# python script for sending message update 

import time 
from time import sleep 
from sinchsms import SinchSMS 

# function for sending SMS 
def sendSMS(): 

	# enter all the details 
	# get app_key and app_secret by registering 
	# a app on sinchSMS 
	number = '+919915959387'
	app_key = '29d0e101-e619-4226-823a-c39c4b99b5ac'
	app_secret = '1WkUjJ3RWEy1P9h9mw/2sQ=='

	# enter the message to be sent 
	message = "hello"

	client = SinchSMS(app_key, app_secret) 
	print("Sending '%s' to %s" % (message, number)) 

	response = client.send_message(number, message) 
	message_id = response['messageId'] 
	response = client.check_status(message_id) 

	# keep trying unless the status retured is Successful 
	while response['status'] != 'Successful': 
		response = client.check_status(message_id) 


if __name__ == "__main__": 

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