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IBM hyper ledger Business Card creation and Code familiarity [inbetween]

model/*.cto file- This file is able to describe Asset, Participant and Transactions those occur at that business network as well .

  • Namespace
  • Resources
  • Imports from other namespaces, as required

If your model is very large, you can have multiple .cto model files, as necessary. Every .cto model file must include a single namespace and at least one resource definition.

NameSpace: NameSpace is just naming convention for the File-System. For each of your .cto file namespace would be an unique name for the file. Each of the resources available in the file would be taken from that namespace.

Resource: Now we have following kind of resources we can use.

Asset: A business network Asset(Example Bit-coin is an Asset in Bit-coin-Network)

Transaction: A business Logic

Participant: A business network Participant

Event: Notification of something happening in the network

Enumerated Type: A set of named Values

Concept: Any object you want to model that is not one of the other types

Each resource type corresponds to its model type of the same name (for example, asset is used to model an Asset, participant models a Participant, etc.)


asset Vehicle identified by vehicle_id {




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