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One mintue read to one minute Manager

Get out more results in less time.

Autocratic VS Democratic:
Autocratic are result oriented and Democratic are happiness Oriented So we
need to be one minute Managers. 🙂

1. One minute Goal Setting:

Everyone should be knowing the goals of the company.
People must know what their roles are in the company.
Goals must not be more than 250 words.
Always review your Goals.

2. One minute Praising:

Give True Feedback.
Always praise immediately.
Share happiness and encourage your people.

3. One minute reprimand:

Immediately point people out for their mistakes.
Tell people how you feel about it.
Point out mistake but don’t criticize.
Be on the side of your people.

Look for the good things in the beginners and bad things in the experienced.
Share what you learn.
We don’t manage people, We manage behaviors.
Love your people and make sure they are also loving you back.
Define your problem grammatically. (What is happening and What you want to be happen.)

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