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Lessons Learned from life

Complete Basics those just went out of my mind, No idea how those gone away. 😦

Work-Life Balance.

You can’t be successful in one day.

All the time people around you tell how to do it, Either you ignore  it or take to next level.

Better late than never.

Never Leave your Day job(even if it is cutting grass ).

Don’t try to be OVER-SMART.

Never consume any Addictive substance.

Learn to respect your personal space as well as others.

Learn to turn off your mind from consistence thinking of things.

Love your work—-Work is never Ending process, Don’t take so much pressure to complete it or start next one.

Have a group of friends outside work.

Nobody is slowing you down Except you.

Learn to say sorry, please, thanks, welcome.

Help others but respect your time and Energy.

Break the pattern of your life.

Be hungry, be foolish – Stop believing that.

Sikhism has different way of living life.(Either believe in that or Live with sorrows.)

If you want to earn more, Be-crazy, Get-exploited and create a big hole inside you, that is your choice as well. 🙂

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