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How Toptal Web Engineering Community is revoluting IT industry?

Globalization lead to moving lots of people from various places to do the work they love and want to make amazing future in specific industry, IT industry is one of that too but most part of information technology industry is oriented around “work from your place/city/country/”. One can set-up office at home to fetch work from any location in the world, Complete it within a required time and get paid. Which seems like a great plan for client as well as for Computer guy(Developer,Freelancer,programmer) Such criteria lead to freelancing industry which has created great influence over society, Due to that most of the people  believe in “work for yourself” term that resulted quality work and great innovations by individuals.

Job portal work like a bridge between Client and Freelancer which should have great standards for Jobs and Freelancers. I believe Toptal is one of them because of it’s well defined selection process. Which makes the freelancers to not just be serious about work but also connects the clients with best Developers for their work.

From the top view Toptal is creating a great community of developers and companies who just love their work and believe in great careers. A combined goal leads to well prepared future and better values. In the information age everyone wants to work with smart people to learn well and get notified intellectually as well. Just like Thomas  Edison who brought great people together to invent great things which worked very well and no doubt Toptal is doing same on world level. Would love to be part of such community!



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