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Python list thing. (INdex out of range)

most of hte time I forget this thing and consumes my time.

if I have a list:

a = [‘435 456 123 334 769’]

print a[0]

will give output same as – > [‘435 456 123 334 769’]

but if i run print a[1] it will return Index Out of range. Obvious thing….

So what I do to solve this

for numbers in a[0].split():

print number

Which gives me exact thing I need. Actually split() function splits all the elements of list in the given index.


Django Database error

Basically if you are on ubuntu or Debian you need to make www-data owner for database and Django directory. you can also use -R option.

Equally important

Google gmail oauth

Ihave no idea what the rest of the world say:

But following things work for me amazingly


https://localhost:8000/ # Remember ” / ” —> just https://localhost:8000 will give the URI miss-match error

Docker and other important things

One thing I am sure about now is there are toys around me whose I need to learn to play.. ❤


Requests module



WSGI-> well what I know is it is medium between Webserver and your Application.

Application <WSGI> Python-application

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