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SEO and Scrap[ing

There are many voices rise in your head when you for SEO optimization.


1. Which framework to use?

2. What kind of code has to be written?

3. Which tools are helpful for SEO?

4. What kind of system we need to deploy?

5. Which keywords are there?

6. How to check other similar websites having same content and also “shining” in the first page of the Google?

Many more things……..

IMHO there is only two things we have to take care.

1. Content.(Content is King!)

2. How to deploy it. (Some rules and regulations)

There is one thing that one need to know that Deployment of content can be “loosed string” but not Content!!

We are using Scrapy to get Idea that what kind of Content we need and for that we have to crawl a spider on various competitors web-pages and get data like “head” “title” “meta-tags””meta keywords” (some say it’s not important in these days and let thensay it. ;)) “meta description” “images and image-description” “back-links” “robot-control syntax”(robot.txt) “sitemap” “user-agents” At last but not the least <“CONTENT”>

But how and why we can scrap whole content of one website and how it will help us to SEOing?

Ans: We don’t need to scrap whole content. We just can study that content of Wesite to write our own.

There is a nice article for content Density.

In real Content searching for SEO could be endless but using a web-spider you can crawl many pages of your similar interests so you can get a great set of content and make one for yours.

Keep coming… šŸ™‚

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