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You had my Curiosity but Now you have my Attention…!!

First of all it is Django! The D is silent. 😉 (You can move forward without watching it, if you are tasteless and non-passionate) but don’t be serious. 😀

Web2py is almost similar like Django then why Django? (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of vengeance)

So to learn Django…!? (Bounty hunter business is really Risky thing!)

To do only template work we don’t need start all the big Django ship. A small boat is enough! is a small boat.

What  happen when the storms are big and fluffy?

Django and Wagtail can work together. 🙂 We can use Wagtail code inside Django.

How to install?  (without Vagrant)

 And the things running on localhost:8000 are really awesome. 🙂

Django is off the chains!!

SQLite is supported as an alternative to PostgreSQL – update the DATABASES setting in wagtaildemo/settings/ to use ‘django.db.backends.sqlite3’, as you would with a regular Django project.



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