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Small BIM Enlighenment

Ok I just had some enlightenment about BIM and open-BIM.
As we discussed BIM is process/way/model of doing work in AEC.
Now there are two types of models in BIM.

One is just BIM.(closed source)
Other is open BIM.(Open source)

We care about Open source so let’s talk about it. Open source BIM persons not just created Open source BIM tools like BIMserver, BIMvie, BIMsurfer but also improved BIM process.

Now for interaction+work with BIM we need two viewers. Yes seems little bit different but it is true. One viewer is BIMserver viewer and other is IFC viewer.

For BIMserver viewer we have BIMvie.

For IFC viewer we have BIMsurfer. (BIMSurfer is not an end-user tool anymore)

Let me explain in steps:

BIMserver: It is heart of BIM process. We can’t interact with server directly so we need viewer for that same as we can’t interact with kernal directly we need terminal. (Some can 😉 )

So BIMserver not just host for the project like Github it does more. It also takes care about How the BIM process should go.

If I have to Upload IFC file first I have to upload it using BIMvie then we can see it using BIMsurfer.

BIMvie provides front-end for all most important works those required in BIM process like create a project, create users, allow users to see project and share, add new model, Compare two different models, add query engine, merge two models and lots of other operations.

To do interaction with Bimserver using BimVie we need query languages like JSON,SOAP.
Ok got a little,
BIM Wroking continue…
(I think I had some errors with BIMsurfer, Need something working SOON!)

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