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Enlightenment Debian and Debian Enlightenment

E17 or Enlightenment is one Linux desktop Environment. E17 is just “beauty at your fingertips” seriously? Don’t trust me I am little bit out sometimes due to power cuts and slow Desktop environments like Unity,KDE,Gnome3,XFCE and all A,B,C. Yes i love E17 or Enlightenment desktop environment.
You can install Enlightenment on your system also. I have not tried it but you can and let me know. šŸ˜‰

This script will help you install enlightenment17 on your system (from SVN).
The first obvious question is: why the hell another script to install enlightenment when we just have

Now lets talk about combinations of E17 with Debian. E17 and Debian wow. Means stability and beauty. Just like Makki di roti with sarso da saag. :D(It is my blog I will write whatever I want to write šŸ˜€ either it is technical or not )
Debian( is known as the universal operating system. Debian is flexible and very much cool towards Enlightenment.(still don’t believe in me?:P )
Search for the keywords “Enlightenment” “Debian” or “E17” “Debian” or “Debian” “Enlightenment” on Google. Someone has done pretty good SEO here. ;). Now the calls ask what I want to say. There are lots available options which can give you both Debain and Enlightenment. Someone has explained it with lot of details here( You can trust him. I do. šŸ˜€
Basically in the above link he has explained the Linux distributions those use Enlightenment or E17 but he missed Snowlinux. He told bout Elive OS which is Debian based using Enlightenment. Elive is live only I mean you have to pay if you want to install on hard disk. Not sure either someone is doing Evil or Business. šŸ˜€
Snowlinux is one Debian based Enlightenment(E17) known as Snowlinux E17.
So finally E17 on Debain. It is that thing like potato+punjabi.
Sparky Linux is one more option. It uses Enlightenment and Debian together. there is one more plus point that it uses E18 instead of E17.
As I always do believe that “Inovations travel beyond the borders even with passport and visa :D”
It is also Debian and Enlightenment. Makulu linux is using Debian and running E17 on it. So again the combination of Enlightenment and Debian or Debian and Enlightenment.
That was all I know about Debian and Enlightenment or E17 and E18. šŸ˜‰
There must be some more flavors of Enlightenment over Debian. You/readers can help to dig those out. You can also test those Debian and Enlightenment combinations those I have talked about and let me know.

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