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Summarization of “Freelance as a Service”

Great portfolio design is mandatory part which attracts the customer most. Portfolio should be in complete isolated state means it should not redirect clients to either professional’s portfolio or premium web service. Budget is not all about money. Time taken for completion of project is more important than funds allocated to it. Addressing a potential client’s budget (and your value) is something that should not be ignored on your website or even in your portfolio. Another important key for successful portfolio is you have to show a lot of empathy for the client. A potential or Non-potential client always want to see price and features first and your awesomeness later. You need to make client easy to reach you and his/her goal.Always show the client that you are flexible a little or more about your charges and project work but you prefer quality most. At last but not least always remember while delivering a portfolio, Inventing a job is much better than getting a job.

You can find the list of successful portfolios here:

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