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Google seo

I am learning Google SEO these are pretty rough note:


1.1 Title should be unique but it should something great combination of words which are present in your post body,tag in very heavy amount. the title flow wit the words should be specific. it is all about combination of words. only words,very specific in flow.

1.2 Title should not be long it should be small very precise and very accurate according to the content and tags,strictly according to the content and tags.

2. Description tags: in the html site we have to use description tags.these tags are not any kind of different than it’s name. in the description tag we have to write few words about site’s description but before writing words here we also have to pick those words which are heavily put inside body and meta tags and here also we have to care about flow of words.

if i use the following keywods i am no where:

bad day history india narendra modi bjp

and if i am using following keywords i am somewhere:

india history bad day modi bjp

so above is the flow of words which i guess should expalin the flow of words or combination of words. so we have to find how many combination of words are possible and put those combination in meta tags or somehow very specifically in the post title,tag,body and where ever suited best.

Another tool is Google webmaster tool. I have not used it but I think it will be helpful for the optimization of Google pages. I will post my review when I will test it but I am sure it will be definetly helpful. It is just my theory right now.


Add more and more links to your page called backlinks I guess these will help to increase the potential of your page.

I am watching Google snippets I am not sure what they really are or how they work but I am watching and I will find it out very soon.

I guess I found little bit about snippets or all of it. First of all we have to set title in very specific manner. not just the home page title but also the title of other pages. the titles should be such like they have most probable common word they need. like starbucks example in the video. starbucks home,starbucks coffee,starbucks location and lots of other information or as much as unique common interesting and specific collection of words in the titles of all pages.

The description should be quite specific for the pages and content. don’t use any extra word that is not bit related to the page’s content. Try hard that if you could pick the words from the content in the page and meta tags,here again that condition arises in which we always expect increase the volume of the words related to page and make them more and more volume.

Use different description and meta tags for the different content of your website


Use words in th urls

Don’t use word repeating

Url Lne should be easy to remember


Use simple directory structure

Name of diirectory should be simple and specific

Breadcrumbs: yeah…! breadcrumbs are really important…..!! What are they??? something delicious URL thing. arrange your URLs like breadcrumbs… 😉

Use of Sitemap. different site map for people and for Google.Are there Aliens work at Google so I have to Make it different for Google? awwwwwwwww BAD JOke..>>!!!


This file tells the search engine what to crawl and what to not so you can use Google webmaster tool to create such file.

Affcouse site should be friendly as much as you want to it.Mobile friendly,,,,

THe Above post is in very non-organic matter. I wrote it as a rough work, it is not arranged well.

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