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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Do it or Do not

At first I was curious about what to do and how to do but now I feel it How and how. I mean I am bit tensed and I am sure my first IDEA which is orignally mine is great piece of work YES…!!! it would be very good because no other similar kind of thing is available right now and no other has not think about it but I guess I can make it better with much easy and pleasure able I have to decide where I should go and with whom. no it is time to be bit serious and think on it because it could be something good moment Waheguru Mehran Rakhi,,, Sir te Hath rakhi Smut bakshi…. 🙂


SEO on the house

I guess Now I got it. that how Google seo works and how wordpress tags work to bring your blog in first page. Really ? lai hor ki tainu lagda main even e item lai janna,, j bhul gea tan es ton thalle wala post dekh lavi, 

So now What

Somethings those are due

1.repeat ad cancel Highlighting,

2.MuteButton(But I guess ummmmm chaloo chaddo guess ch ki rakhya),

3.That Android Thing (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

oooooh eh ki hoi janda,par jo vi hund mainu lagda bahut changa hunda,oye main tan punjabi vich e likhi janda haa,, should I do it??????? 22 tension na lai jo dil kardaoh karo,, but karo jaroor… kyonke baba ramdev g vi kehnde ne Karne se hota hai 😛 hhhehehehehhehehehehehehehehehe BABA Ramdev 😀 now i am going to put baba ramdev in tags… 😀 hahahhaaahhaahhaha

new work

so now some days have passed out but i am moving very slow like the turtle but good thing is it is steady or it is not a good thing or just my old habbit to take everything in the positive way. now i have to first that androd bug problem ,fix some strings of hindi and punjabi and at last but not least have to develop oh thre is nothing at last. i am just doing that what i just think i should do whoever will read this post only think two things either i am fool or very smart.. VERY SMART…!!! 😛 😛 hussssssssssssssssssssssssssss

i lve this kind of writing helps me to find myself in the lost world. lost world??? yahh.. lost world.. awwwww i am talking to myself….. but i am guy not girl 😀

Android device setup

yes we have to setup our android device when we have to run/install code on it. so we can follow the link below

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