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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tuxblocks sucessful Test with Hindi locale

I was doind some tests with tuxblocks hindi local test and it is sucessful.means if we set our locale language to hindi the application must run in hindi.I used the following command in Debian-Linux to set the locale in hindi.


dpkg-reconfigure locales


and yes you need sudo permissions or root to set it.


PlayN custom font registration

PlayN is cross platform java game library or it is more than much as i am exploring PlayN i am getting more about it.PlayN is really a great thing to learn.I mean i just have to make a game and it is already able to run on mostly know platforms like Android,Java,ios,Browser,Windows,Linux also includes Jbox-2d physics game engine which means we need all the physics in our game is already there.

Tuxblocks-Cross Platform PlayN Game

Tuxblocks is cross platform java game which helps students to learn algebric equations,solve algebrs equations,create algebric equations as well as very nice arcade game comes with was developed by Thomas Price in GSOC-2013 project. I have tested it on Linux,Chrome,Chromium,Firefox,Iceweasel and Android. It is fantastic and very smooth to play.i can write more and more about it but i think i should provide link to you so you can describe it by urself that how good this game is.

Web version:

Android version:



playN A cross platform game library

Playn is a cross platform java game library. There are lots of things I want to share about it but I think i will be better just to redirect you to the official link and tutorials. They are just great. well if you find any problem to about learning and getting it feel free to ask me or at stackoverflow.

Official home Page:

Write post for problem

Well I guess I sit most of time on the computer I am not sure I am geek or I am nerd.that is not the reason I am writing this post actually i am writing this post because of different things comes in my mind all the time when i try to do something in the computer and I got stuck in the problem but i think it is just a common thing.whenever people try to do something they got problems some some take it as milestones they are called winners and some take it as just problems so they are called losers. actually i think there could be lots of ways to overcome situations/problems those comes. So today I discovered a unique Idea about it well i am not sure it is unique but i just came from my mind not from any page or facebook  post so i can call it unique idea.whenever i am stuck in the problem I should start writing a blogpost on it so i can make a post of problem but i guess when i will start writing it and exploring it i will also start learn about it means i believe I WILL FIND SOLUTION WHILE WRITING IT… YEAAAAHHHHHHHH…. IS THAT REALLY TRUE????


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