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as working with most secure operating system in the world 🙂 i mean Linux 😉 the issue of personal security also comes in no need to install any third party software or any thing else.this feature is also inbuilt in Linux just type the following commands and lock your folder in developer’s way.. 😉


sudo chown -R root:root "folder name"
sudo chown 700 "folder anme"

now after sucessfully running these commands you will find the folder that you have locked is marked with the “lock” as well as “cross” access that folde run the following command

sudo nautilus "folder name"

for detailed information you can follow this link:

click here to find out the original tutorial

Imp. NOTE:-while running these commands just remember one thing you have to catch the same directory in the terminal in which you want to make secure your folder or file..:)

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