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Discount on food 20% ;)

it was all about the planning of evening party and I remembered a scheme of discount on food at my one of the favorite place BASANT at dugri.passed through heavy traffic and finally reached at 6:40 pm at restaurant and it was very sad when we found that the discount scheme was till 6:30 pm we are late about 10 minutes because of traffic In the Ludhiana city so we lost a special offer of 20% discount it was big enough for us because of we both have very less amount of money but we decided to sit in the restaurant and eat our desirable food and also get the discount scheme… so we have ordered and waiting for delicious food which is more than the coins in our pockets…. but we ordered it and grab it soon.. 😉
so let’s see what happens r we able to get discount on food or not….???? will post the result of this story soon….

3 responses to “Discount on food 20% ;)

  1. Harjot Kaur July 30, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    where is conclusion 😀

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