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How to create .ISO image from CD/DVD in Ubuntu

i n this post sharing with you how to create an .ISO image from CD/DVD in ubuntu using a simple command in terminal,,,,

so here is the procedure..

1. Insert the CD or DVD that you want to make an ISO image of.

2. Open a terminal window.

3. Execute the following command:

cat /dev/scd0 > /home/arsh/test.iso

here arsh is user name.. you can change it according to the username of your pc…


How to write PUNJABI on IPhone

As always i like to write poems in the free time but using my IPhone after some googling i found an application for writing punjabi on iphone that application is “ipunjabi keyboard” this is very nice application easy to install and have copy-past functions.just wite using punjabi-keyboard in the application and then copy the whole content and paste where you want to paste that..the installation of the software is very easy just install it from app-store or from has great fun.. keep using it.. punjabi rocks.. :D<a for more information about ipunjabi keyboard use the link below

why unity……? Not Gnomen 3…..!

Gnome 3 is the latest release of the famous Linux desktop. As soon as they released it, many people tried to update their Linux distributions with Gnome 3. Open Suse have already integrated Gnome 3 and Fedora will add it to their next major release, Fedora 15. But, what happened to Ubuntu? Since Ubuntu started to build their own shell Unity, they have ditched Gnome shell! You won’t even find Gnome 3 on the official repos!
The main thing is stability of GUI as we all know about the stability of GNOME and the other thing which is realized by me unity is just the GUI for the netbook or mini-laptop which i interacted 1 year ago in my friend’s netbook pc.. :). so using unity is as old as we now the the GUI for netbook…!!! hmmmm….THINK,, 🙂 well it is just not about the feel,look and working with GUI as i already shared the thing is “STABILITY” :-D… while in the case of unity my GUI crashed two times and loading of graphics are also slow.. i am wondering that my a no. of my friends told me that they are still on ubuntu 10.10…. :(… why so ,..? answer is unity.:( 😉 i will write about changing desktop environment from unity to Gnome 3 on my next post may be toinight or early morning if you want to do it know use this
.. so till than think different think Linux….

How to run SAGE MATH on ubuntu 11.04

In my six week training i got the project related to sage math..Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface. my task was to complete study of sage and writing a python script for sage.

1.)first of all download the sage binary from the link

2.)choose your mirror for downloading..well i used the following mirror for fast downloading

3.)select your version 32 bit or 64 bit.

4.)after the completion of download you will get a file with the extensions of can be easily extracted in ubuntu linux using the command in terminal
“tar –lzma -xvf sage-*…tar.lzma” command
5.)if you are not so good with terminal then write click on the downloaded file and select extract here.

6.)when the file will be extracted completely open the terminal(alt+ctrl+t) and type following commands

cd /”path of the directory where sage file is located”/
cd /”name of the sage directory”/
if tou are able to run above commands successfully then in the terminal you will get the output like this. i downloaded file in the downloads directory and name of sage file is sage4.7

    then type “./sage” and you will able to run sage sucessfullly..if then any problem persist than first run command “sudo apt-get install gfortran” and then again again run start sage from terminal using “./sage”,, 🙂

How to Change back to Gnome Classic Desktop in Ubuntu 11.04

well ubuntu 11.04 is released 🙂 i was waiting for it hardly expecting a new fully-featured GNOME3 environment but found a “”netbook”” version of desktop environment,,..!!!!????

so come-on ubuntu,,, many people also love graphics like as power to work in console mode using commands.. ;)… so it is also not about the graphics but a very difficult for a long time user to work with the NETBOOK DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT… SO now it will be good to go back for classic ubuntu well much better than the “”netbook environment,, :D””” so there is below a youtube video tutorial just watch and enjoy GNOME classic..

click on the link to watch the video…

use the above video link and get again classic look as you want,,

How to increase torrent speed on ubuntu

my friend vigasdeep told me a trick of u-torrent for optimise the downloading speed of torrent fles .. i tried this with TRANSMISSION BIT TORRENT CLIENT IN UBUNTU,,,,,got amazing results..

(the speed of torrent downloading becomes double). 🙂

here is the trick:-
1)click on properties of torrent files that you are downloading..
2)after …click on options
3)uncheck the box
4)change the no. of peers to 3000
and enjoy… 😀

Apple IOS-5 200+ new features

last night i watched the featured video of IOS-5 on surprised as well as fasinated me alot.. there a many new good features of IOS-5 which can make apple market more productive as well as rich.. 😉

IOS 5 has llot of great features that attract user very easily.IOS 5 is also availble for I-phone 3gs,4g and surley for I-phone 4gs..(my dreaming phone.. ;-))… :-D…
for watching the more features of ios-5 click on the given lnks below…

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