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Algorithms are changing the world

Most of the times I got my self to much overwhelmed when I see Awesome-Automation movies, Ok let’s come to the point that Algorithms are changing the world, Yes they are completely:

Now a programmer can define set of instructions which can understand the feelings of any person and according to those feelings program can also act the things:

<Simple version is as follows> :Mostly Pythonic:

def angry:

“what someone do when someone is angry”

def angry_prevention:

“What computer should do when someone is angry”

def happy:

“What someone do when someone is happy”

def happy_prevention:

“Over-happiness could be harmful to someone” (Just a random thought)

<<<<<<<<<<<<So now we have defined two four funcations>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A system which can detect facial expressions of human is already developed so some if-else statements and we can control a human in two conditions which is happy and sad:

One is left called “Normal condition”——> This needs time because being normal is complex. ;) so as defining to ;)

Python list thing. (INdex out of range)

most of hte time I forget this thing and consumes my time.

if I have a list:

a = [‘435 456 123 334 769′]

print a[0]

will give output same as – > [‘435 456 123 334 769′]

but if i run print a[1] it will return Index Out of range. Obvious thing….

So what I do to solve this

for numbers in a[0].split():

print number

Which gives me exact thing I need. Actually split() function splits all the elements of list in the given index.

Django Database error

Basically if you are on ubuntu or Debian you need to make www-data owner for database and Django directory. you can also use -R option.

Equally important

Google gmail oauth

Ihave no idea what the rest of the world say:

But following things work for me amazingly


https://localhost:8000/ # Remember ” / ” —> just https://localhost:8000 will give the URI miss-match error

Docker and other important things

One thing I am sure about now is there are toys around me whose I need to learn to play.. <3


Requests module



WSGI-> well what I know is it is medium between Webserver and your Application.

Application <WSGI> Python-application

Docker… Why?

It is Linux container, You can use containers to development.

Container seems better options to do things rather than normal..

Dear GOD, Please provide me chance to play with it!

Pylint + Pyreverse : UML Diagrams for Pythonand Why I should care?

Most of the times We feel that while substituting method in code that are we going in right path or even Is my code cleaner, better, sexy as I am. ;)

It is easy to run as

$ pylint

Pylint is not magic and it is not going to do any Magic with your code, In-real your code is magic itself. :)

Pyreverse create UML for source code.

More technical things are on the way. :) <3 <3

PYLAB and PYplot

PYPLOT -> A python module in Matplotlib which is useful to make plots. X-Y axis

PYlab-> Pyplot+numpy

PYPLOT is non-interactive something like just write script and you will get the figures but on the other-side Pylab is interactive something like you can call SIN, COS functions and also change their values from your graphical application.(Graphical Application=Pylab)

Implicit and Explecit Geometry

Let’s Start  with General understanding.

Implicit:-> Means not directly expressed.

Implicit Geometry:

Geometry defined in text. Text could be numbers/symbols/variables and many more things but pure text.

For more information and clearance of the things we can also go through following quote line.


In mathematics, an implicit equation is a relation of the form R(x1,…, xn) = 0, where R is a function of several variables (often a polynomial). For example, the implicit equation of the unit circle is  x^2 +y^2-1 = 0.


Explicit:-> Stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

Explicit Geometry:

Geometry defined in Shapes,lines,

Have to do some study the following link for deep understanding of things.

I feel a little overview will be helpful for me.

Proposal writing(Rules)

There are many things one can write when he/she has to write about proposal writing or writing a proposal.


1. It must win————>”THE-JOB”.


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