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Pylint + Pyreverse : UML Diagrams for Pythonand Why I should care?

Most of the times We feel that while substituting method in code that are we going in right path or even Is my code cleaner, better, sexy as I am. ;)

It is easy to run as

$ pylint

Pylint is not magic and it is not going to do any Magic with your code, In-real your code is magic itself. :)

Pyreverse create UML for source code.

More technical things are on the way. :) <3 <3

PYLAB and PYplot

PYPLOT -> A python module in Matplotlib which is useful to make plots. X-Y axis

PYlab-> Pyplot+numpy

PYPLOT is non-interactive something like just write script and you will get the figures but on the other-side Pylab is interactive something like you can call SIN, COS functions and also change their values from your graphical application.(Graphical Application=Pylab)

Implicit and Explecit Geometry

Let’s Start  with General understanding.

Implicit:-> Means not directly expressed.

Implicit Geometry:

Geometry defined in text. Text could be numbers/symbols/variables and many more things but pure text.

For more information and clearance of the things we can also go through following quote line.


In mathematics, an implicit equation is a relation of the form R(x1,…, xn) = 0, where R is a function of several variables (often a polynomial). For example, the implicit equation of the unit circle is  x^2 +y^2-1 = 0.


Explicit:-> Stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

Explicit Geometry:

Geometry defined in Shapes,lines,

Have to do some study the following link for deep understanding of things.

I feel a little overview will be helpful for me.

Proposal writing(Rules)

There are many things one can write when he/she has to write about proposal writing or writing a proposal.


1. It must win————>”THE-JOB”.

Waheguru Tera sukar hai,, Apna aasra banai rakhan lai

He mere Waheguru, Jeevan vic hamesha kisse da aasra takda riha kyonKe dil vich pta nahi koi dar jeha baitha  rehnda c, Eh saari dunia joothi hai Bass ikk tu hi saccha hai,,

Ajj ton baad sirf tera aasra takooga… tera naam japooga,, teri sobha karooga… tere gun gaoga.. tera naam dhiyooga… tainu yaad rakhooga.. ju tu kahega baas ohi karooga….

He mere daaitiya tera lakh-lakh dhanwaad mainu paida karna lai, mainu ena sohna Dil ate dimmag de vaaste… mainu rijak den vaaste…

Waheguru,,!!! waheguru!!!! waheguru!!! waheguruu!!! waheguru!!! waheguru!!……….. waheguruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the post yeah This is the post that I want to write,,, I am on it!

I have found my love!(Living person) Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Life is joyful.

Life is amazing.

Life is siraa!

Life is exploration!

Life is learning!

Life is inspiration!

Life is Waheguru!

Life is Inspiring others!

Life is KIRT!

Life is Naam!

Life is sharing!

Life is Hitting the goals!

Life is making new goals!

Life is Joy!

Life is Enjoy!

Kirt is fun!!!




COME JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN THE WORLD!

Kirt: salary management Application

I love kirt!

Gcode: Write it and make real things

While diving into CAD things you have to make yourself adjusted with various things. Various things are like understanding some/small/important technical terms.


Easy-Peasy first: If a person have to tell the machine which makes computer aided design, Person will tell him/her in the form of G-Programming or Gcode.

That’s it buddy!

Lets have more fun: Numerical control is automation of machine tools. Machines those are operated by computer commands to produce designs in real world. This is also called CNC(Computer numerical control). Gcode is also called NC/CNC.

IMHO best and fastest way of learning any technology is to have a look in it’s code:

<Example of G-code>

G20 G40 G90
G0 Z0.250
G0 X-0.305 Y-0.127 Z0.250
G1 X-0.305 Y-0.127 Z-0.010 F50
G3 X0.304 Y-0.127 Z-0.010 I0.305 J0.115 F50
G2 X-0.305 Y-0.127 Z-0.010 I-0.305 J0.172

<Example of G-code>

My understandings:

1. Ah! it starts with G.

2. First line (G20 G40 G90) It is telling the machine point the cutting/drilling/chopping/slicing/rubbing/polishing tool on such location, But only in the air. No touching with material.

3.G 91.1 Again a pretty nice moment. ;) (Not able to understand right now)

4. (G0 Z0.250) Move 0.250 on Z-axis

5. G0 X-0.305 Y-0.127 Z0.250: Same thing as  last line, Move to X and Y on given parameters. (mm)

6. (G1 X-0.305 Y-0.127 Z-0.010 F50) : G1 is also for moment but here we have one more parameter F50 which means extruding 50 mm of the material.

Same as we have many different moments:

G2- Clockwise Arc

G3- Counter-clockwise Arc

And so on. One thing we have to keep in mind is G(X)[Where X has int value] is for the moment of machine. If there will be no X and Y coordinates that means Machine will only move in the air.(I could be wrong here you can make me correct in the comments)

Whole concept of writing this guide is having to explore more about CAD software(s) and Knowing some technical terms that how these design interact with real world.

Anti-gravity and Python

Ok let’s talk about Anti-gravity thing. Yeah we can get that it is easy, But Easy-Difficult is a state of mind, Once in a life talking to  a girl was difficult or speking English. :D :D hahhahaha, I love Evolution!

Ok what is Antigravity?

When someone wants to rise it is the force which pulls you back which could be named as C++, C, Or other great Languages which are written by great people for great peoples. But not Python! It is written by totally Cracked one who love to talk about “TROLLS” while having presentation. :D

There is no use of theory without examples:

Ok I am sitting in front of metal-machine and time is 8:17 am and I want to make Great music beat. :-O

What to do now?

Google: Make music beat with python

Ok I got something which let me allow “import Music” [8:24] am

Things are downloading and I am going to do some regular tasks.

Ok things are downloaded: 9:00

ops I got too deep in documentations, Starting now: 9:14

##################Python code##################

from music import * # This defines analogy of anti-gravity

note = Note(C4, HN) # Got up from ground, It is difficult to get up when you start flying, :) :) :)
Play.midi(note) # Enjoy flight

Please feel free to appreciate inside comments box. :D

Stream editor commands

Played with srtream files for various things to be played:

sed -i s/<search-teaxt>/<replace with> filename

#when removing forward slashes from file:

sed -i /\\/// filename # we don’t have to replce anything so we  are not writing it.

#put inverted comma in each line

#put inverted comma in each line
sed 's/.*/"&"/'

#without spaces
sed 's/ *\(.*\) *$/"\1"/'
#skip empty lines

sed 's/ *\(.*\) *$/"\1"/'


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