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Thin-client Manager

A video describing Thin-Clinet manager.

About X2go

LTSP required packages

The following is the list of required packages in Ubunutu to deploy LTSP-Cluster.

Canon mp287 pixma

To install the following package for Canon MP 287

We need the dependencies from the following location as per the requirements. (For 64 bit)

libtiff4_3.9.7-2ubuntu1_i386.deb (for 32 bit)

Magic of Magick++

g++ `Magick++-config --cxxflags --cppflags` -o example example.cxx `Magick++-config --ldflags --libs`


o yaar ki chall riha eh , haan tools vi mil gye, thode bahut use vi karne aa pta lagg gea but pangabass ehi pai janda vi eh tools use hone kithe aa?

Kamm shuru kithon karna, Ikk vaar shuru jeha ho gea tan bass fer ko chakkar ni,, sab ho jauga,, Bass ena e nahi pta lagg riha vi pehla step ki hovega.

Ikk approach lagai tan hai dekho ki banda vi shayad gall ban e jave.


Sometimes we feel that way but that does not matter it is what it is.

Yes I am talking about Engineering. OOPS getting late so have to finish it ASAP!

It will be completed theoretically soon, Very soon but Practical Engineering is far beyond the things…………………

BIM and 1010’s questions

I have 1000 questions which are related to BIM and IFC.

0. How many components can be included in one IFC file and where to find that these IFC needs following components?

1. How IFC-OpenShell work and how it does not work?

2. Why IFC-converter is not working properly?

3. Why Python interface is not working for IFC-Openshell. I mean Why not I am able to do “import ifc” sucessfully in the Python and why not able to work it properly?

4. When “import ifc” will be worked well how to manage IFC files with it.

5. How to connect all the dots between IFC and BIM? (seems easy)

6. How to link IFC-import/export with BRL-CAD and other related software.

7. Where to get that how to play with IFC files using Python code. (That github example is good, but still no IDEA ;))

8. After doing changes how again pack IFC?

9. IFC and BIM is Future!

Funny but true


Ok it is quite edgy type of things are going around here:

BIM-: I am gonna fall for the Engineering. Somehow my mind is just beyond the limits and Not gonna stop to do something for it.

SageMath: I have realized that I can not Live without it.

ScienceCity:-It will be great Fun tomorrow——-Yayyyy..!!!

Mapthon:I am little curious but it is great if you are curious. :D

Rocks-Cluster: HAHA..!! You are my slave .. :P Your size is just Big and see I don’t care, BCOZ I am human. :)


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